*RTP Features*

Real-Time Datalogging
Real-Time Tuning
Wireless Capability with bluetooth Add-On Module

*Rev Limits/VTEC*

Rev Limits Per Gear
Fuel And/Or Ignition Cut
Cold and Hot Cam Rev Limits
High and Low Load VTEC Engagement RPMs
Minimum load for engagement
Disengage below minimum load
Minimum Speed
Minimum ECT
VTEC Disable (For Non-VTEC setups)
VTEC Speed Threshold Disable
VTEC Temperature Threshold Disable
VTEC Pressure Disable
VTEC Error Check Disable

*Switch Maps*

Flexible Dual Map Setup (Primary and Secondary)
MAP, TPS or Alpha-n scaling as load reference
Activation Input (Not required)
Minimum RPM
Minimum Load
Minimum Throttle Position
Use High Cam Maps Only

*Closed Loop Control*

Full Wideband Support
Works with full 0-5v scale
Target O2 Voltage
Disable Closed Loop Above Load
Conditions for ECT, IAT, and RPM
Adjustable Voltage Error
Disable Closed Loop Error Option
RPM vs TPS Threshold
Disable Closed Loop Option
Disables closed loop completely
Disable Open Loop Lookup Table Option
Disables enrichments from the
open loop lookup table
ECT Threshold For Open Loop Table Use


Service Check Input
Password Protection
Codes are shown with the car off key in the
On position with the throttle over 65%
Clear Codes With The Brake Pedal
Adjustable Fuel Prime Time
MIL Shiftlight Per Gear
Adjustable Deceleration Fuel Cut
Lock Ignition Timing
Injector Kill
Fuel Pump (Normal, Drain or Off)
Much moress

*3-step (FTL, FTS, Antilag)*

Full Thottle Launch
Activation by Speed
Activation by TPS threshold
Activation by switch/clutch switch
Speed threshold for 2-step
Ignition Retard/Fuel Enrichment
TPS threshold for retard/enrichment
Full Throttle Shift
Selectable clutch switch input
Full Throttle Shift Antilag

*Fuel/Ignition Maps*

Primary and Secondary Maps
Low and High cam Maps
Fuel and Ignition Maps
8 maps total
24 load breakpoints by 24 rpm
breakpoints for precise tuning.
Low and high cam both can be scaled
to go to 11000 and above


New and old injector size
Overall Fuel Trim
TPS Tip-In Fuel Trim
Cranking Fuel Trim
Post Start Fuel Trim
ECT vs Raw Cranking Fuel Maps
ECT vs Fuel Enrichment Maps
ECT vs Ignition Correction Maps
IAT vs Fuel Enrichment Maps
IAT vs Ignition Correction Maps
Gear Based Fuel Enrichment Maps
Gear Based Ignition Correction Maps
Idle Ignition Corrections
Ignition Dwell Control
Tip-In Ignition Corrections
Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim
Injector Battery Compensation

*Sensors and more*

Disable Knock Sensor
Disable Injector Test Circuitry
Disable BARO Sensor
Disable IAT Sensor
Disable VSS Sensor
Disable ELD
Disable O2 Heater
Disable IACV Error
Disable IAB
IAB Activation RPM
MAP Sensor (lots of map sensors, custom maps)
Sensor Adjustments
Programmable Analog Inputs
Allows logging of any 0-5v sensor


Target Idle
ECT vs Target Idle maps
IACV Duty Cycle Adjustment

*AC Cutoff*

Above RPM
Above TPS threshold
Idle Recovery


Activation Input/Output
Minimum/Maximum RPM
Minimum/Maximum Load
Minimum/Maximum IAT
Minimum/Maximum ECT
Minimum Speed
Minimum TPS
Ignition Retard By RPM
Fuel Enrichment By RPM
Switch maps on activation
Disable if MIL code

*Boost Control*

For use with dual, tri, and quad
stage boost controllers
Activation Input (Not required)
Activation Output
Minimum RPM
Minimum speed
Minimum Throttle Position
Boost Cut

*PWM Based Boost Control*

Variable Frequency For
Multiple Solenoid Types
Quick Spool Duty Cycle And Load Setting
Set Duty
Boost By Gear
Boost By Gear vs RPM
Low/Hi Boost Switch Input

*Fan Control*

Activation Output
Minimum Engine Coolant Temperature
Maximum Speed